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How Much Hard Drive Space Do You Really Need

When you’re shopping for a new computer, there are a few things that differentiate the models. There’s the manufacturer, obviously, but on top of that there’s the screen size, the processor power, and…the hard drive space. In case you don’t know, hard drive space equates to the amount of room there is to store things on the computer, whether that’s installed programs or your own files that you create and save to the computer. It’s easy to want to go big or go home and get the computer with the most storage space just because you can. Hey, you might need it, right? That’s not the best idea, though, especially if you’re shopping on a budget. Logically, more hard drive space is going to set you back even more when it comes to price. With that in mind, you have to step back and take a long, hard look at how much hard drive space you really need and there are two important things to consider.

What Your Budget Is

External Drives Offer A Cheap Solution
External Drives Offer A Cheap Solution
If you’re shopping on a budget, it can be tempting to go for the lowest-priced computer because it saves you the most money. Unfortunately, the bottom tier of computers isn’t always your best bet even if the hard drive space seems reasonable and every other spec on the computer checks out. Considering your budget doesn’t necessarily mean buying the cheapest model. It means not spending too much on a computer with extra hard drive space you don’t need and it means not cutting corners and missing out on valuable storage space. Of course, if you already have an external hard drive or plan to store many things in the cloud or backed up in other ways, you can opt for a cheaper computer with less storage space. As with any electronic, it’s all about shopping smart and knowing what’s going to work out the best for you.

What You’re Storing

Some People Don't Need A Lot Of Storage Space
Some People Don’t Need A Lot Of Storage Space
The most important thing to consider when you’re looking at hard drive space on a prospective computer purchase is what you’re going to be keeping on there. If you’re intending the computer as a machine to take with you on short trips when you’ll only be storing a few files for a presentation or just enough to maintain you away from your office, you can get away with a computer that has a small amount of hard drive space and you shouldn’t run into any problems. On the other hand, if you’re planning on using the computer to play video games and store saved game data or as the main place you edit and store the high-quality photos you take, you’re going to want a computer with lots of hard drive space so you don’t have to buy even more external hard drives or other forms of media backup in the end to store the files you don’t have room for. Additionally, if you’re planning to install a lot of programs it’s best to have a buffer so you’re not running out of space for your actual saved files.


5 Things You Didn’t Know Your New iPhone Could Do

Everybody’s carrying around iPhones these days. They just make life so much easier – there’s so many apps, case choices, the photo quality is high, and then there’s that invaluable connection to iTunes. What’s not love? But did you know that you might not be making the most out of your phone? The new iPhone 6 and iPhone 6+ have some “hidden” features that can make your life easier that you may not even know about yet! While plenty of features like the one handed keyboard option have been advertised extensively, there are others that tend to fall under the radar but can be just as useful to you!

Send More than One Pic at a Time

Send More than One Pic at a Time
Send More than One Pic at a Time
When sending a series of photos in the past, you had to send one at a time and hope that they showed up in the right order and that all of the images even made it through to the other person. Not so with iOS 8! Now you can select multiple image from your recent pics to send to your friends and family at once.

Recover Photos You Deleted by Accident

Ever deleted the wrong photo or had a child get into your phone and create havoc? That’s not a problem anymore when you’re using the new iPhones. From your pictures, you can access a menu of recently deleted photos and recover the ones that you actually wanted to keep. Similarly, if you want something erased FOR GOOD, then you better make sure to go into the same menu and clear it out.

Siri Can Tell You What That Song Is

SiriNot only is Siri now always ready to answer your questions – iOS 8 has Siri ready to go with a simple “Hey, Siri!” instead of requiring you to hold the home button – she can also now take the place of apps that tell you what song is currently playing if you can’t quite recall the name. Anytime a song is playing, just say “Hey, SIri, what’s playing?” and she’ll get right on it! She or he, now that Apple offers a variety of voice options for your phones local AI. Siri will bring up the current song and an option to purchase it from iTunes.

Your iPhone Knows the Difference Between Your Mom and Your Friends

iOS 8 comes with a newer, smarter keyboard than any operating system before it. Now when you type and your phone makes suggestions, those suggestions will be completely customized to YOU. They phone does this by taking note of how you type and certain phrases and word combinations you use often. Not only that, but Apple claims it can also customize these suggestions based on who in your contacts you’re talking to. No more embarrassing typos to horrify your mother!

Add a Medical ID to Your Phone

Add a Medical ID to Your Phone
Add a Medical ID to Your Phone
You can now add a medical ID with important allergies and other medical information to your phone. This, in case of emergency, can be accessed from the lock screen with no passwords necessary by medical personnel and they can treat you accordingly.

Don’t miss out on making the most of your new iPhone – it did cost you a pretty penny, after all. Take advantage of all the latest features the Apple has pumped into iOS 8 and play around with the latest technology in the mobile phone world.