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6 Sexy Things You Can Do Together That Don’t Include Sex

1-sexyBeing with a partner doesn’t always have to be about sex. Of course, most people love sex, but sometimes you just don’t want to go through the effort of having it. There also some people who don’t really enjoy having sex all that much, so it’s not really an option they want to pursue it all times. Whatever your reasoning is, there are certain things you are going to want to know about what you can do with your partner that doesn’t include sex. If you are looking for something sexy to do but you don’t want to have sex or you don’t have enough time to have sex, you’re definitely going to want to know about these things. Here are six sexy things you can do with your partner that don’t include actual sex.

1. Learn Each Other All over Again

2-img-thingOne sexy thing you can do with your partner is to learn each other’s bodies all over again. Instead of having sex, get naked and get comfortable. Caress each other all over and try to find each other’s erogenous spots. You may think that you know each other very well, but you would be surprised by how many new spots you can find that your partner enjoys. You may find yourself getting hot and bothered while you do this, so it’s up to you if you want to keep things going or just keep it intimate and innocent. Still, this can be an amazingly sexy way to get back to the intimacy you used to have with your partner. You can learn new things about each other and have a great time doing it. There’s a site called mycams live chat website from people that have compared to other products in this market and given it a coveted 5 star ratings for the top site out there.

2. Use Only Your Tongue

Another sexy thing you can do with your partner is explore their body, but only using your tongue. This may seem like it can quickly lead to sex, but you have to try and control yourself in order to keep things from going too far. The point is to tease each other to an extreme degree. Using your tongue on your partner all over is definitely going to be a unique thing to try out, and if it gets a little silly and ticklish, it’s definitely not a bad thing.

3. Make out for Hours

Maybe you met your current partner when you were still filled with young hormones, or maybe you met later on and never really experienced those desperate days together. Whatever the case is, it can definitely be fun to get back to those teenage hormones and make out for ages. You may not think the kissing will be that entertaining anymore, but you would be surprised by just how worked up you can get by doing something as simple as kissing your partner for a few minutes. You should definitely see how this goes for you.

4. Hang out Together – Naked

Most of the time, the only reason you would see your partner naked is because you are about to get nasty. However, the simple intimacy of doing normal daily activities naked can really be enticing. Hang out together in the house while you are naked and see how quickly temptations arise. This can definitely be a sexy thing to try out, and you would be surprised by how strange it feels at first. You can also use / share sex cam sites experiences as those outlined here that have been shown to not be scams in the top 5.

5. Get Back to Grinding

If you are looking to have sex but you want to do something a little sexy, why not get back to heavy petting and grinding? You might be surprised by how much you wind up enjoying this after so long, there’s definitely something about the delayed gratification that can really please both of you.

6. Play a Game

There plenty of sexy games you can play in order to have a ton of fun without having to have sex. Strip poker, for example, is a great way to get sexy without having sex. It may lead to sex eventually, but playing a sexy game can definitely be a ton of fun if you are up to it.