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Make Foreplay Exciting Again

Foreplay is something that most couples can’t get enough of in the beginning, but as time goes on it gets forgotten or laid by the wayside in order to get to the grand finale. Whether it’s because sex doesn’t come around as often as it used to or because you don’t feel like you have the time, foreplay needs to become a thing again. Contrary to popular belief, foreplay isn’t just putting your hands down someone’s pants or kissing them in naughty places. There’s a whole world of pre-gaming your sexy time that’s just waiting for you to unlock it. The best way to figure out what you and your partner might like is by getting adventurous and studying up. Try some new things like:

Body Chocolate

Body ChocolateBody chocolate is simply chocolate sauce that’s meant to go on your lover’s body. It doesn’t quite melt as fast, and is often found in pens that accompany other flavors like strawberry or whipped cream. These handy little pens can be used to write naughty messages or to draw out instructions as to what you want your partner to do. Although the idea is to get creative, it can end up leading to a gigglefest when you realize that it totally looks like poop if it gets smeared around before you lick it off. That’s okay, because it just makes things more fun in the bedroom, and that’s never bad.

Sex Toys

Make Foreplay exciting again with sex toys.
Make Foreplay exciting again with sex toys.
Not everyone takes into account how awesome sex toys can be—for both parties involved. Men know that women have various odds and ends hidden away for their private time and guys don’t really touch anything meant for them. This is a shame, because some of the best times to be had involve these toys. Guys—get over whatever fear you might have about using a dildo or vibrator on her. She’s going to like it and if she’s enjoying herself she’s not going to just abandon you for it. You’re a real human being, nothing can replace that. Plus there are some toys that actually go inside of her with you to pleasure everyone all at once. These include some G-spot stimulators (that’s right, it exists) and cock rings that vibrate on her clit. Ladies- realize that your man is never going to buy himself a sex toy and get one for him. At first he’ll probably scoff and say that he doesn’t want to use that, but he’s curious. Bust out a pocket pussy or cock ring on a romantic evening and make it all about him. He’ll love the attention and probably start using it on a regular basis. We all know that guys masturbate when you’re not there, so don’t feel jealous of a toy that helps him feel even better.

Flavored Lube

Flavored lubes aren’t just to keep her wet, they can be used during oral to create a unique warming sensation or just taste good. Some of them tingle a little bit while others get warm, but they all make oral a little more interesting. If you’re having trouble going down on your partner because of smells or tastes, then this might be a good way to help out with that. The lube is put on the clit or around the head of the penis so that it works most affectively. There are a whole slew of flavors to try out, so get a sampler pack and make a weekend of it.

Change Up the Location

Not all exciting foreplay ideas have to be some new twist on the same old thing. It can be something as simple as changing up the location. Taking a break in the kitchen to put her up on a counter and go downtown can make you both feel spontaneous and like you’re doing something you shouldn’t. Surprise him while he’s taking a shower by opening the door or curtain and immediately going down on him. Don’t say anything as he takes in the surprise. Be careful: You might get wet in more ways than one.

Caress Each Other

Caress Each Other to improve your foreplay
Caress Each Other to improve your foreplay
Caressing isn’t something that we think about actively, but it’s a great feeling on anyone’s skin. Guys love the feeling of being touched just as much as women do, so soften those strokes and touch each other more. Adding this little detail into the foreplay will make you both feel closer to each other and up the sizzle in your routine.