5 Things You Didn’t Know Your New iPhone Could Do

Everybody’s carrying around iPhones these days. They just make life so much easier – there’s so many apps, case choices, the photo quality is high, and then there’s that invaluable connection to iTunes. What’s not love? But did you know that you might not be making the most out of your phone? The new iPhone 6 and iPhone 6+ have some “hidden” features that can make your life easier that you may not even know about yet! While plenty of features like the one handed keyboard option have been advertised extensively, there are others that tend to fall under the radar but can be just as useful to you!

Send More than One Pic at a Time

Send More than One Pic at a Time
Send More than One Pic at a Time
When sending a series of photos in the past, you had to send one at a time and hope that they showed up in the right order and that all of the images even made it through to the other person. Not so with iOS 8! Now you can select multiple image from your recent pics to send to your friends and family at once.

Recover Photos You Deleted by Accident

Ever deleted the wrong photo or had a child get into your phone and create havoc? That’s not a problem anymore when you’re using the new iPhones. From your pictures, you can access a menu of recently deleted photos and recover the ones that you actually wanted to keep. Similarly, if you want something erased FOR GOOD, then you better make sure to go into the same menu and clear it out.

Siri Can Tell You What That Song Is

SiriNot only is Siri now always ready to answer your questions – iOS 8 has Siri ready to go with a simple “Hey, Siri!” instead of requiring you to hold the home button – she can also now take the place of apps that tell you what song is currently playing if you can’t quite recall the name. Anytime a song is playing, just say “Hey, SIri, what’s playing?” and she’ll get right on it! She or he, now that Apple offers a variety of voice options for your phones local AI. Siri will bring up the current song and an option to purchase it from iTunes.

Your iPhone Knows the Difference Between Your Mom and Your Friends

iOS 8 comes with a newer, smarter keyboard than any operating system before it. Now when you type and your phone makes suggestions, those suggestions will be completely customized to YOU. They phone does this by taking note of how you type and certain phrases and word combinations you use often. Not only that, but Apple claims it can also customize these suggestions based on who in your contacts you’re talking to. No more embarrassing typos to horrify your mother!

Add a Medical ID to Your Phone

Add a Medical ID to Your Phone
Add a Medical ID to Your Phone
You can now add a medical ID with important allergies and other medical information to your phone. This, in case of emergency, can be accessed from the lock screen with no passwords necessary by medical personnel and they can treat you accordingly.

Don’t miss out on making the most of your new iPhone – it did cost you a pretty penny, after all. Take advantage of all the latest features the Apple has pumped into iOS 8 and play around with the latest technology in the mobile phone world.


5 Ways to Make Your Office Life More Fun

Nobody really likes sitting around in an office for ages, doing boring work that gets tedious very quickly. That’s just a fact of life. Another fact of life and being a business owner is that bored employees spell trouble. If your employees are bored, they can start to get up to all sorts of trouble you don’t want. If nothing else, their productivity will sharply decrease. You need to keep employees engaged, and one of the best ways to do that is to make sure that you have an interesting office life. By having an interesting office, your employees will start to look forward to coming to work, at least a little bit. This will help make them more productive, even if only a little bit. Still, this isn’t something that’s generally taught in Becoming A Boss 101, but we’re here to help. Here’s what you need to know:

1. Invest in Good Snacks for Your Break Room

Invest in Good Snacks for Your Break Room
Invest in Good Snacks for Your Break Room
Employees love the break room, since it’s their only reprieve from a long day of work. It’s important to let employees have a little bit of time to breathe and relax. If your break room is a pit of despair with only a few chairs and some busted up coffee machines, it’s not going to help much. Having a good break room is important, and so is having good snacks. If you can afford to have a company cater for you, you may as well invest in some good food for your employees to use to recharge. Stick for high protein snacks, but make sure that you find something that’s actually tasty.

2. Make Things a Bit More Whimsical

Adding a sense of whimsy to your office can definitely make people look forward to coming anymore. We don’t mean that you need to turn your office into a wonderland of fairies, but it’s still important to add some decorations that can make things a little bit more interesting. By having a whimsical environment, your employees will feel more creative and productive. It’s a small change, but one that can really make a difference.

3. Add a Room for People to Use to De-Stress

Add a Room For De-Stressing
Add a Room For De-Stressing
Having a room where employees can de-stress is important as well. You may think that the break room is enough, but sometimes it’s not. Your employees need a place where they can go to feel rested. You may not want to add a room for naps, but having a quiet room where people can just relax for a couple of minutes is a good idea. Maybe add a massage chair or two if you’re really feeling fancy. Just make sure that people can spend their entire day and there, since that obviously won’t help with productivity.

4. Encourage a Casual Environment

Casual EnvironmentThe office environment can get quite stuffy if you’re not careful. You don’t want your employees to feel stuffed up and uncomfortable, so you need to try and encourage a casual environment. You want people to be able to talk to each other if they need any help. If everyone is stiff and silent, your employees won’t be very productive. Of course, you don’t want people goofing off instead, so try not to take it too far. Still, having a casual environment is a great way to help your employees have more fun and look forward to coming to work.

5. Don’t Go Too Far

While it is important that you give your employees a fun work environment to look forward to, you don’t want to take it too far. By making things too fun, your employees’ productivity levels are not going to increase it all. It can actually be quite detrimental to the amount of work your employees will get done. As long as you avoid getting too whimsical and adding too many things for your employees to do in order to relax, you should be just fine. You don’t want them to slack off because they know they can get away with it, but you do want them to be able to feel relaxed and comfortable in their work environment. Just don’t go overboard and add a ball pit to the center of the office, no matter how awesome you may think that would be.