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6 Sexy Things You Can Do Together That Don’t Include Sex

1-sexyBeing with a partner doesn’t always have to be about sex. Of course, most people love sex, but sometimes you just don’t want to go through the effort of having it. There also some people who don’t really enjoy having sex all that much, so it’s not really an option they want to pursue it all times. Whatever your reasoning is, there are certain things you are going to want to know about what you can do with your partner that doesn’t include sex. If you are looking for something sexy to do but you don’t want to have sex or you don’t have enough time to have sex, you’re definitely going to want to know about these things. Here are six sexy things you can do with your partner that don’t include actual sex.

1. Learn Each Other All over Again

2-img-thingOne sexy thing you can do with your partner is to learn each other’s bodies all over again. Instead of having sex, get naked and get comfortable. Caress each other all over and try to find each other’s erogenous spots. You may think that you know each other very well, but you would be surprised by how many new spots you can find that your partner enjoys. You may find yourself getting hot and bothered while you do this, so it’s up to you if you want to keep things going or just keep it intimate and innocent. Still, this can be an amazingly sexy way to get back to the intimacy you used to have with your partner. You can learn new things about each other and have a great time doing it. There’s a site called mycams live chat website from people that have compared to other products in this market and given it a coveted 5 star ratings for the top site out there.

2. Use Only Your Tongue

Another sexy thing you can do with your partner is explore their body, but only using your tongue. This may seem like it can quickly lead to sex, but you have to try and control yourself in order to keep things from going too far. The point is to tease each other to an extreme degree. Using your tongue on your partner all over is definitely going to be a unique thing to try out, and if it gets a little silly and ticklish, it’s definitely not a bad thing.

3. Make out for Hours

Maybe you met your current partner when you were still filled with young hormones, or maybe you met later on and never really experienced those desperate days together. Whatever the case is, it can definitely be fun to get back to those teenage hormones and make out for ages. You may not think the kissing will be that entertaining anymore, but you would be surprised by just how worked up you can get by doing something as simple as kissing your partner for a few minutes. You should definitely see how this goes for you.

4. Hang out Together – Naked

Most of the time, the only reason you would see your partner naked is because you are about to get nasty. However, the simple intimacy of doing normal daily activities naked can really be enticing. Hang out together in the house while you are naked and see how quickly temptations arise. This can definitely be a sexy thing to try out, and you would be surprised by how strange it feels at first. You can also use / share sex cam sites experiences as those outlined here that have been shown to not be scams in the top 5.

5. Get Back to Grinding

If you are looking to have sex but you want to do something a little sexy, why not get back to heavy petting and grinding? You might be surprised by how much you wind up enjoying this after so long, there’s definitely something about the delayed gratification that can really please both of you.

6. Play a Game

There plenty of sexy games you can play in order to have a ton of fun without having to have sex. Strip poker, for example, is a great way to get sexy without having sex. It may lead to sex eventually, but playing a sexy game can definitely be a ton of fun if you are up to it.


Add These Ingredients to Green Smoothies to Boost Their Power

Green smoothies are the breakfast sensation that’s gripping the nation. No sooner did you see that you can mix together fruits and leafy vegetables to make smoothies that are more than palatable, you found out that there are some things that make for an even better smooth experience. If you want to get the most taste and health from each drink, try these mix ins. While the perks of a green smoothie might be that you can customize the flavor profile to suit your own needs, there’s nothing wrong with taking a good suggestion or two when you find them.

Acacia Berries

Acacia Berries Became A Hot Craze
Acacia Berries Became A Hot Craze
It might be a few months since you heard about Acacia berries. These little fruits were on every health show for a few months, and they showed up in everything from protein powders to power bars, all the way to distilled fruit juices. They were supposed to rev your metabolism and melt away fat, and they delivered on their promises about as well as any weight loss supplement does. That is to say, they deliver about 1-2% greater results when paired with diet and exercise. This is why they’re not added in for their weight loss properties, but rather the way their high acid content can bust through stubborn joint pains. Mix in and enjoy.


Blueberries are still the antioxidant kings, and that’s why you should load up your smoothies with these little wonders. There’s nothing wrong with thinking of these heavy, delicious fruits more in terms of muffins or pancakes than smoothies, because just a taste or two will have you changing your mind. Not only are they great for you, their heavy flavor can be just the thing to combat the bitterness of a heavy leafy green that you know you should be eating but don’t really like.

Protein Powder

Protein PowderIf you want to turn your turbo shot of green energy into something that’s going to last you all morning long, then you need to pile on the protein powder. It’s just that easy to make your favorite side dish into a complete breakfast. With the power of protein behind it, a green smoothie can easily last you all morning. This is also a great way to get the ultimate lean protein; the powder without any added fat or calories whatsoever. This means it’s a great pairing for someone on a diet; it will fill you up, keep you going, and replace more tempting dishes that might have caused you to slip up.


A good banana can transform your smoothie
A good banana can transform your smoothie
If you’re having difficulties choking down your green smoothie, you just don’t have enough bananas. The flavor of a banana is sweet but mellow, the perfect compliments to the sharpness of leafy greens and the tart/sweet combination of fruit juices that you can use, along with water, to flavor your smoothie. On top of that, the texture is perfect for someone who really wants to have a smoothie that lives up to its name. A good banana can transform your smoothie from unpleasant morning shake to highlight of your day, all while adding potassium and natural sweetness.

Chia Seeds

These small seeds may need to soak a little before you mix them in, but they’re going to be worth it. They have a rich, nutty flavor that doesn’t overpower the rest of the drink. Even more importantly, Chia seeds are rich in antioxidants and very, very high in fiber. If you’ve found that your liquid breakfasts aren’t doing wonders for you any other way Chia seeds could be exactly what you need to turn your day around.


Low Impact Workouts for Beginners

So you know you need to pick up some exercise routines, but you aren’t quite sure where to start. There are a lot of options out there and they can be difficult to navigate on your own, even more so when you have specific needs when it comes to your workout regimen. If you require something that’s low impact either because of a medical condition or just because you don’t want to stress out your body too much the first time you take it out for a test spin at the gym, here are a few great work outs to try that will help get you in shape without a lot of wear and tear on your joints.

Jog in Place Jacks

The great thing about this particular workout is that you can adjust it depending on your desired intensity level, so you can tone it down when you start out and amp it up when you’re ready for a bit more of a challenge. To start you can take it nice and slow. Walk in place with a slow jumping jack like motion with your arms. It may take you a second to coordinate, but that’s fine. As you need to progress, feel free to change your walking motion to marching, jogging, high knees or full blown jumping jacks, increasing the speed of your arm movement as you increase the difficulty of your leg movements.

Windmill Steps

When you first start out, this exercise is just a simple side step. Let your trailing leg come behind you with a slight tap and add a large circular arm swing. Much like the jog in place jacks, this exercise is great because you can increase the speed and strain as you need more resistance in your workout. When you want to put a little more kick into your workout, drop your hips lower to the ground, turning your stance into a squatting position. You can also slowly increase the step width and speed until you can replace the motion with a lateral jump entirely rather than just a step.

Stutter Step

Stutter Step Can Be Difficult For Some
Stutter Step Can Be Difficult For Some
This one is a little trickier than our other workouts and can seem a tad more difficult. The easiest version of this exercise starts with all your weight on one leg with only a slight bend, placing your opposite leg back a few inches behind you and bringing your knee up in front of you slowly as you bring your hands down. You can increase the depth of your squat on your supporting leg while extending the moving leg further and further behind you to increase the difficulty of this particular workout. At the same time, you can start increasing the speed with which you move your arms and leg.

Static Squat + Punches

Static SquatStart out with a very shallow squat and a punching motion using both fists without any additional weight. You don’t have to hold the squat for long; keep the position for a few seconds before coming up to continue your punches. As you get more comfortable with the exercise, stay down longer, squat lower, and start using dumbbells in conjunction with your punching motion. Just make sure you don’t increase the speed of the punches themselves, especially if you’re using extra weight with them.

Static Lunge + Curls

Begin with a shallow lunge, keeping your feet relatively close together and using either very light dumbbells or just arm weight for your bicep curls if you’re new to those as well. As you progress, make your lunges deeper and keep your feet further apart to make the exercise a little more challenging. You can also increase the amount of weight you use with your curl as your biceps adjust to the exercise, though as above, make sure not to increase the actual speed of your curl.


Tips for Overcoming Social Anxiety at the Gym

It’s hard enough to motivate yourself to go to the gym on a regular basis. Add in a healthy dose of social anxiety and it becomes almost impossible. The hardest part of going to the gym is actually getting to the gym, and overcoming all of the insecurities that come with the trip. If you’ve found yourself struggling to even get yourself there, and wanting to run back home the whole time you’re there, then this little guide is for you. Even if you thought it was impossible to ever enjoy yourself at the gym, you too can have fun and get a great workout at the same time. Your social anxiety shouldn’t hold you back from being healthy, so follow these steps and get it into gear.

Pep Talks

Motivate yourself to go on a regular basis
Motivate yourself to go on a regular basis
Before you go, spend some time prepping yourself for the trip. At first, only plan for small trips. Give yourself a manageable timeframe to deal with, and go from there. Start with maybe half an hour at the gym two times a week. As you get ready to head there, give yourself a small pep talk. Your biggest supporter should be yourself, so make sure you know how much you believe in yourself. Take your time, and tell yourself that you can do this. Going to the gym is for your own health and general wellbeing, and even though it’s going to make you anxious, it’ll pay off in the long run. Also make sure to remind yourself to not make comparisons. You are not the buff guy at the gym or the hot girl on the treadmill, so don’t compare yourself to them. They have their own bodies and have made progress in their own ways, and you need to focus on your own progress. Once you go to the gym for a while, you’ll see results and you can compare them to how you were when you started.


Use Headphones at the gymIf you feel like you’re getting stares when you go to the gym and have a hard time focusing on your actual workout, try some headphones. Playing your own music can help you get in the zone while you’re working out, and it keeps you from paying attention to the other people around you. Keep in mind that these people are here for themselves. They don’t go to the gym to stare at you, and they’re too busy with their own workouts to worry about how you almost dropped that weight or if you look awkward in that stance. Creating your own playlist that lasts a set amount of time can also help motivate you. Use upbeat songs that keep your energy levels high, and wind them down near the end of your workout. You can always add more songs as you make your trips longer, and most people with social anxiety find it much easier to cope when outside noises are taken away. Earbuds work best for the gym, and even better is how they function like earplugs to block out external stimuli that might be distracting.

Going With Friends

Go With A Group Of Friends
Go With A Group Of Friends
Going anywhere alone can be hard when you have social anxiety, so if you can get a group of friends or even just one to go with you it’ll help for sure. Just explain to them that you would really love to hit the gym every once in a while to lose weight and improve your health, and that you would appreciate having a buddy to come with you. Who knows, maybe that friend has been looking for an excuse to work out and just hasn’t started doing it yet. Bringing someone else with you will keep you motivated to keep going as long as they do, and it’ll keep you on track with your weight loss goals. Having friends at the gym also makes going seem less like a chore and more like a fun outing with your friend. Try it out, it’s guaranteed to make a huge difference for you.

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