Look Great For Cheap

We all want to look our very best as often as we can when we are in public. Unfortunately, looking great often comes at a price, and that price can be expensive. Despite what the fashion companies would have you believe, looking good while on a budget is very possible if you have the patience for it. You can find all sorts of great deals out shopping, and if you have the eye for it, you can look amazing while spending very little money.

Thrift Shopping

Thrift stores Offer More Than You Think
Thrift stores Offer More Than You Think
Going to thrift stores is a wonderful way to save money on great clothes for incredibly low prices. Though you won’t always find something you like at a thrift store or second hand shop, visiting frequently will pay off, since these places are always getting new stocks of clothes, shoes, and jewelry. You can get shoes as cheap as ten dollars, and shirts and pants for only three dollars on a good day. Thrift stores even have books furniture, and other items. When you but something from a second hand shop, make sure to wash it thoroughly before you use it, just to be safe, and never buy make-up or intimates from second hand stores, as those items are very unsanitary. When you can, donate your old clothes that you are done using in order to help keep the cycle of the thrift store going.

Surplus Stores

Flea marketFlea markets, surplus stores, and even outlet shops are good for finding clothes for much reduced prices, as well as clothes that you would never find anywhere else. Army surplus stores are a nice place to find accessories that would potentially be stylish and militaristic in fashion, and is also a place to find sturdy shoes. Outlet stores can be more expensive than the other options, but you can get name brand clothing at outstandingly reduced prices at outlet malls and warehouse type shops. Flea markets are places to find interesting and quirky clothes, and accessories. These markets are also places that you can potentially barter down prices to even lower than they were originally set at.

Estate Sales

There are all kinds of unofficial sales that happen around the neighborhood. You can get really interesting items for prices that are practically a steal. If you are diligent about visiting these garage sales you might be able to find a lot of awesome items that you would never find anywhere else. Once again, these are places that you can try to barter for prices and drive the cost down even farther. There are also virtual yard sale sites that are regional, and they function similarly to yard sales in real life. As always, make sure that you carefully wash anything that you buy used, and avoid purchasing unhygienic items like used make-up.


Give Your Old Clothes A New Look
Give Your Old Clothes A New Look
You can even alter old clothes that you find or make new ones that you’ve found at one of your bargain shopping sprees. If a shirt has a great pattern but an ugly cut, it is a simple matter to remake it by changing the shape a little. You can even use the fabric you like to add onto other garments as accents. Learning to sew is a way to both pass the time and to make your own clothes for cheap, and you can alter things you find or even make things from scratch, as fabric is generally cheaper than buying your own clothes outright. There are plenty of ways to look amazing with a low budget, and you can do it in a way that makes sure that your co-workers and peers will never know the difference.