The Real Cost of Regular Checkups with Your Doctor

No one likes going to the doctor’s office, and many of us avoid it due to the expenses that we rack up whenever we step foot into a hospital. A doctor’s checkup can feel like a waste of time, especially if the result is that there is nothing wrong with you. A lot of people don’t even go to the doctor’s when they feel sick, and prefer to tough out their problems rather than pay a huge fee. But is it better to go to the doctor and pay up immediately, or to wait until you have a big problem and pay for it then? Here are some incentives to go to the doctor’s office more frequently, and some alternative practices that are cheaper than a checkup.

Checkups Cost

The older you get, the more  you should see your doctor
The older you get, the more you should see your doctor
A regular physical should take place once every two to three years if you are under thirty five, Once every two years if you are older than thirty five and younger than fifty, and once every year if you are over fifty. The older you get, the more often you should go see the doctor, to make sure that you aren’t developing any of the health conditions that are associated with age. That way, you might catch any ailment before it gets too serious. You should also visit the doctor any time you feel any discomfort that lasts for longer than a week, like a cold or flu. The cost to come to the doctor’s office should be about fifty dollars if you have insurance, which can seem pretty expensive. However, not getting a regular checkup could be more costly for you, especially because you should only need a checkup once a year or less.

Emergency Room

Energency RoomsThe cost to go to the ER is significantly higher than making an appointment with your doctor. The costs of using the ER can be upwards of a thousand dollars, and an ambulance ride alone might cost $1200. Depending on your problem and your insurance levels, you might end up paying a lot of money for something that could have been prevented. Considering that a visit to your doctor is only about fifty dollars, it might be a better idea to schedule an appointment rather than heading off straight to the ER, especially if your problem isn’t life threatening.

Urgent Care

Urgent Care centers are significantly less expensive than your average emergency room, and it will cost you only about a hundred dollars to use the kind of facilities that an urgent care will provide. It is still less expensive to make an appointment with your doctor, but if your problem is truly dire going to an urgent care facility is a much better option than going to the ER.

Big Injury Bill

Regular Checkups Will Save You Long Term
Regular Checkups Will Save You Long Term
The cost of full blown cancer treatment annually is around 40 grand on the incredibly low side, and around 120 grand on the high side of the spectrum. Often times, when cancer gets to this point, it is nearly too late for the patient. Going to a yearly checkup can prevent the patient from allowing cancerous cells to grow within their bodies. In other words, by going to checkups for only 50 dollars annually, you could avoid spending up to a hundred grand each year you struggle with full blown malignant cancer. It’s the same thing for plenty of other diseases like heart disease and other preventable ailments that increase with age. Type II diabetes costs on average 11,700 dollars a year for each person who contracts it, and this disease is often times preventable with proper warning.

Going to the doctor for your yearly checkup, while annoying, is much, much cheaper than any of the alternatives. If you want to save yourself money, skipping out on going to the doctor’s office is not the way to do it. Save yourself a lot of pain and go see your doctor when you are scheduled to.